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Dr Raghu Ramaiah

Raghu is the Founder of Dermatology startup Dermpod which after POC building for a few month in 2017, started building advanced Artificial Intelligence tools from January 2018. Raghu has been leading it from the front by investing the project financially and leading from the front by assisting the development of AI Tools. 

Raghu's vision is to build Dermatology tools using AI which will be available to everyone globally. These tools will help patients manage their skin conditions effectively in a world with severe shortage of Dermatologists. 

Raghu is a serial entrepreneur who has had successful businesses and has been currently working on Medical Technology for over a year now. In this short period of time he has managed to build technology tools using Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. He has proven to be a good project lead by building medical diagnostic tools with high accuracy. He has huge experience of managing remote teams and running businesses effectively. 

He is a versatile, enthusiastic individual who likes to be in a win win situation for all parties involved. He is an efficient financial manager who believes in " Innovation in Zeros". 

He is a Paediatric Doctor (Intensive Care Specialist) and has set off to solve more expanded global problems in Medicine. He has an indepth understanding of Machine Learning, Deep Learning and is able to apply these to solving medical problems effectively. His 20 years of Post Qualification experience makes his ideal to understand what the solutions are. He also works as a Governing body member of two Clinical Commissioning groups. And hence understands the current environment and the opportunities to work together with funding organisations to benefit the patients. 

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